Branko MihaljevićConsultant, manager and entrepreneur

Branko Mihaljević is an educator, consultant, manager, and entrepreneur, dealing with Java since 1996. After 12 years of teaching at UNIZG FER, where he received dipl. ing. (MS), Diploma in Study of Management (DSM), mr. sc., and dr. sc. (PhD) degrees, a few years of teaching at Algebra and VERN' colleges, as well as 7 years acting as a co-owner and CTO of a development company, for the last 7 years he has been working as a College Professor and Research Assistant at RIT Croatia, one of the global locations of Rochester Institute of Technology, and leading his software consulting company.

He gained experience as a consultant, software architect, project manager, development lead, and researcher on various projects in the financial, telecom, traffic, public health, and satellite systems sectors. He is the author of more than a hundred scientific and professional papers, conference presentations, and popular Java-related articles. He collaborated on many research and professional projects, as well as delivered various university courses and professional workshops, and authored many educational materials. He is the president of the Croatian Java User Association (HUJAK).

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